Medical Cannabis flower undergoing measuring process for prescription at our GMP facilities.

A deep understanding of cannabis and pharmaceuticals

Medical Cannabis flower undergoing measuring process for prescription at our GMP facilities.

Logist was established by Grow Biotech and IPS Pharma, combining cannabis sector expertise with 18 years’ experience manufacturing and importing unlicensed medicines.

Our mission is to increase the relevance of cannabis pharmaceuticals for healthcare professionals by informing, supporting, and supplying them with the information and products they need.

What we do

We make sure that patients, practitioners and producers have faith in the quality of our products and the integrity of our information.

We are an independent point of access to reliable products and new medical markets.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to receive information about medicinal cannabis or to speak to our medical affairs team, please click on the link to request information.


Healthcare Professionals

We support Healthcare Professionals with cannabis medicines and pharmaceuticals. Our compliant, quality assured pathway enables next day delivery direct to patients or their pharmacy. Our team support your understanding of key procedures and the broad range of cannabis products available.

Patients and Carers

Our patient-focused work is designed to treat cannabis medicines and pharmaceuticals as we would any other medication. We create access for patients and provide next day delivery of prescription medication to your door or your pharmacy of choice.


Leveraging IPS' 18 years of experience in unlicensed medicines, we are here to support pharmacists with this new class of medicines and pharmaceuticals. Our next day delivery service is available for your pharmacists and is fully compliant and quality assured.

Licensed Producers

We have unrivalled capabilities in the UK and are market leaders, providing a turnkey solution for your UK market access. We base our strategy on your approach, your products, and the information you have relating to safety and efficacy.

At our facilities, many other unlicensed medicines are processed and managed for prescription as well as our Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products.


Please get in contact using the contact form or telephone number below.

tel: 020 3928 6367


We aim to be the trusted partner for medicines regulators. We specialise in compliant distribution, meaning the continuous supply of medicines to the right patients, through the right channels.

Our commitment to regulators is to be transparent on our pricing and participate in public sector data sharing.

Any regulators who would like to discuss our activity, or who would be interested to discuss cannabis medicines and pharmaceuticals more broadly with us can use the form and phone number listed above to reach us.